Prom Night


1. All In Good Fun

2. Best Day Of My Life

3. Burger Boy

4. Ever Since

5. Final Showing

6. Forgotten Friend

7. High and Dry

8. Lost Love

9. Prom Night

10. Veronica

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Artist: Tyler Ransom

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All In Good Fun

You never really caused me any strife
standing at the edge of my perception
an extra in the the story of my life
you fell into the trap of false connection

But what you didn’t seem to see
was that i never cared about anyone
but me

To me it was all just in good fun
To see how far you’d bend before you broke
The silent face of anguish that you wore
to me your pain was nothing but a joke

(You never said a word, but you still spoke)

But what you didn’t seem to see
Is that I never cared about anyone but me

Best Day Of My Life

the days seem brighter
with you in my head

and i act tougher
when you are around

you give me meaning
show me what to do

it means everything
i hope, you feel it too

don’t get sidetracked
the feelings i feel are true

my gardens overgrown
nothing to offer you

stuck in a loop
can’t get the flowers to grow

left alone
me and my sorrow


the days seem faster
get out of my head

the garden is over
its time for me instead

you came in and out
all out of scream and shouts

a new page has turned
so much more I’ve got to learn

just tryna stay cool
tryna be who i am

don’t wanna to let you down
nothings ever gonna bring me down

i found an arch for me
I’ve fallen in love with who i’ll be

no more chances wasted
a romantic hated

no longer stuck in my own head
doubt being the hand i hold
was hollow back there

back to my roots
lights set on me

living with the flow of things
eyes on a new prize

dont wanna let you down
I'll never bring you down

nothings in my way
please listen to what I have to say

Ever Since

you said you’d follow me till the stars were crystal clear

over worked and over grown didn’t ever see the sunshine

things are worse now than before, ever since you left
and i sit here, with shattered dreams, not sure where to go
and it all, happens again, ever since you left

and its the same old thing
the same old excuses
and none were even true

and it all happens again, ever since you left
and it all still hurts, all because of you

ever since,
you left

Final Showing

I've spent all my time waiting for things to change
Day by day, thinking of you
Didn't even have a clue

Trapped inside my own thoughts
The doubt growing more and more

Trapped inside my own doubts
I decided to not take the chances

Forgotten Friend

saying goodbye to a close friend
You’re acting worse now than you once were
And time has not gone over well

And I thought things would stay the same
But time has taken it's toll

So take a step back
And know you won’t be ok

You’ve changed your ways
Lost in the dark
Forgotten friend
Lost in the flames
Take to the skies
Won’t see you again
Clouded with judgment,
Lost and confused

Won’t forget you

Hope I won’t see you too

lie to yourself
say it just a phase

we all know thats not true
you’re stuck in a gaze
Forgotten friend
Lost in the flames
Take to the skies
Won’t see you again

High and Dry

things will change, stay kind
you have your thoughts and I’ve got mine
take it slow now before you find
that its been me the whole time

i said id follow you
two and two make things new
(take it easy and watch things unfold)
but your darkness was visible to see
after all this time, it was me that wanted to be free

and so you’ve carried me so far
moving fast now can’t stop it
stick with your thoughts and follow through
it was me that really needed you

Lost Love

i’ve seen this all before
the times have changed but you have not
goodbye old friend

the life you always dreamed of
full of vivid colors
did you ever what you want?

i saved this dance for you
take my hand and lets go away
the future awaits

we’ve had the life you wanted
shared smiles and even ran off
peeked between the little bookshelves
your smile made me cry

made me cry

held my hand,
gazed to the skies
looking back it was all in my eyes

in my eyes

next dance you wanted more
you were troubled worried and all in glamour

I’ve already lost myself in loving you
not knowing what to do
I’m stuck here loving you

tell me who i was

tell me where I’m going

tell me who to be

tell me where i stand

I’ve already lost myself in loving you
not knowing what to do
I’m stuck here loving you

Prom Night

The years go by
I stand my ground

The feelings stay the same ‘old” way

Can’t speak the truth
Can’t talk to you

Why can’t things stay the same?

i got to keep movin on

I stay away
I keep my distance

Try not to make a fool of myself

Nothing works,
I still feel,
The same

I got to keep movin on


I can’t find the words to say
my soul is left out

wasted time
no arrival
trying to find my self

ohhh veronica
came into my life a little too late

ohhh ohhh veronica
so many words remain unsaid

the final song, has played through
its to easy to care

it used to be so hard to feel
a connection

your words, brought me to the skies
but i flew to close

ohhhh ohhh veronica
please say you’ll still remember me

ohhhh ohhh veronica
i can’t wait to see who you’ll be